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Bel Aire Central Park Homeowners Association (belairecentralparkhoa) is one of several HOAs within a development known as Central Park in Bel Aire, Kansas.  The Central Park HOA includes two sections - known as The Park and The Village.  Both sections are covenant communities and together, consist of 144 lots.  Many of the homes are built around a distinctive alley system that allows for garages and parking to be accessed from the back of the home.

Our association is known for its diverse and unique home styles - everything from Craftsman to Bungalows to Modern Farmhouse to Traditional.  The people who live here are synonymous with the homes - friendly, inviting, warm and full of charm and character!  We have families, young couples, retired couples and singles who all live as neighbors in one of the most beautiful areas in Bel Aire. 


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A revised set of Covenants and Bylaws are almost ready to go!  We will be sending out information very soon detailing the differences between the current set (written in 2007) and the new set - updated and in accordance with the KS Statutes governing HOAs.

Several informational meetings will be held to address any questions you may have.  Dates are still being determined - we will keep you updated as they are set.

The Board wants to emphasize how critical it is for EVERY homeowner, within The Village and The Park, to cast a ballot either in favor or against the proposed covenants.  For the new Covenants and Bylaws to be passed (or voted down) - we must have 75% of the houses in Central Park HOA to vote - either in person, telephonically, or by proxy.  A valid signature must be obtained for each vote.

Yard of the Month resumes May 2021


  1. Sump pump extension hoses must be positioned for water to flow to the rear of the home only.

  2. Please pick up after your pets when they are outside of your yard.

  3. Please keep all vehicles locked - especially when parked outside of your garage!  Remember to remove all valuables, including firearms, cash and personal belongings.

  4. The speed limits in the alleys are 15 MPH.  Please slow down and watch out for your fellow neighbors.  Alleys are not meant to be used in place of through streets!

Did You Know?

Central Park is a Covenant Community though not all sections of Central Park are governed by the same set of Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions (CC&Rs).  Central Park HOA includes The Park and The Village sections.  Please refer to the documents tab on this website to find all current CC&Rs, guidelines and agreements.

Upcoming Events

April 2021
7:00 PM
Public HOA Meeting



General Questions

How much are the HOA dues? When are they due?

Currently, our HOA dues are $265 annually. They are due every year by April 1st, and you can set them up to be paid automatically, right here on our website. If you need help setting this up, please let us know.

What houses are covered under this HOA?

The below map, which outlines the area that this HOA governs will serve as your guide. Not all houses in Central Park are covered under our HOA, only those that are in The Park and The Village areas.

Prospective Residents

Are there any open lots available to build on?

Yes, currently the open lots are being offered by Banister Real Estate. It is best to give them a call, to discuss your options and get a lot purchased.

I live in the Landing or the Villas, who do I contact for my HOA?

Please refer to the City of Bel Aire website - belaireks.org - under Community for a complete list of all HOAs and their directors.

Current Residents

How can I get on the HOA board and what are the qualifications?

We are always looking for members to serve on the CP HOA Board. To qualify for a board seat, members must be current on their HOA assessments, make all reasonable efforts to attend meetings and carry out their responsibilities, and set an example for all members by following the covenants, rules and restrictions of the Association. Elections are held once a year at our Annual Meeting in February but we also need members willing to fill any vacancies that may occur throughout the year. As Board-directed committees are formed, we need members to fill those seats, too! We welcome your ideas and the commitment to serve our community!

How do I contact the Central Park HOA Architectural Design Committee (ADC)?

You can email your Project Approval Form (available on the website) to: belairecentralpark@gmail.com. Please refer to the Architectural Design Guidelines that have been provided to you for information regarding all exterior and landscaping projects.

What are the differences between covenants, bylaws and guidelines?

Bylaws are mutually agreed upon rules for the HOA, while covenants are long-term promises to do something or refrain from something. Our covenants primarily discuss topics such as land and external structures. The bylaws discuss topics pertaining to meetings, members, due payments, delinquency, liens and other rules of this nature for which we are to abide by. The design guidelines and landscaping guideline documents are meant to be examples of what exterior features should look like in the neighborhood.

What kind of a fence can I put up? Does it need to be approved?

According to our bylaws, you may not install a privacy fence. The options are iron or aluminum, similar to the other neighbors around you. Please log into your HOA account and review the bylaws, covenants, and most especially, the landscaping guidelines. Any major exterior work should first be approved by the HOA design committee. Please complete the Architectural Design Project Approval Form (under Public Documents) on this site. All fencing must be approved by the City of Bel Aire as well.

Can I fence in a green electrical box that's in my yard?

The large green cubes are Evergy electrical junction boxes. According to Evergy policy, if it will be fenced in, you must leave 10 feet clear in the front of it (the side with the lock on it is the front), and 3 feet around the rest of the sides. They also prefer a 5 ft gate nearby, or removable fence sections if no gate.

If I want to repaint my house, do I need to get the color approved?

Any major exterior work, painting included, should first get approved by the HOA design committee. Please complete the Project Approval Form that is found in Public Documents, along with color swatches, and send it to the Architectural Design Committee at belairecentralpark@gmail.com.

What should I do if I need to purchase a new mailbox?

The approved mailbox for The Park and The Village is the Heavy Duty Rural Mailbox, style #4850, in black. You can buy these online at: mailboxes.com and on Amazon or you can buy them at your local Home Depot store.

What should I do if I need to replace all or part of my mailbox post?

The HOA has purchased a number of single replacement posts, one-sided posts and two-sided posts. The HOA purchased these in bulk at a discount. They are available to you at the discounted price - just send the HOA Board an email at belairecentralpark@gmail.com. In general, it is up to each homeowner to keep mailboxes and posts painted and sealed as the original paint fades and deteriorates.

Account Questions

What can I do once I set up my HOA account log in ? Why would I want an account?

By signing up on our website, this gives you access to many useful features. You can find members only documents and notices such as meeting minutes. You can also take place in online polls and voting that will be added in the future.

Is signing up for automatic HOA payments safe?

Absolutely, our website has an SSL certificate installed which provides the https:// padlock in the web address. All aspects are done securely, and the payments are handled through Stripe. No payment data, is ever stored on our website, and our website is PCI compliant. Our Stripe integration uses the Stripe.js method to collect credit card (and other similarly sensitive) details without having the information touch our server.

Board Members

Paula Lamprecht


Terms: 2019-2022

Edgar Salazar


Terms: 2019-2021

Nancy Todhunter

Member at Large

Terms: 2019-2021

John Angelo

Member at Large

Terms: 2020-2021


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