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Motion Approved To Move Forward With Hiring of External Company

A motion was approved 22 to 1 at our 5/8/2018 meeting, to go ahead and move forward with the hiring of Wichita based company, HOA Management Services, to help assist the board with managing the HOA. The board and residents felt the value of hiring a specialized management company came with their expertise in enforcing the covenants and bylaws, and following up with delinquent dues. They have extensive knowledge regarding the rules and regulations of HOA’s in Kansas, and will be able to ensure we are following those. An important thing to clarify, is that the HOA Management Services company is not replacing the current or future boards. They are strictly here to help out, and all decision rights are still 100% the Central Park HOA decision. Our next meeting will be held on 6/20/2018 where we will give an update on our progress with them, and we will update the website with an agenda of items when we have them.

We will be entering into a 12 month contract with them, and since we have already started collecting dues for 2018, we will not be raising them in 2018. The board is viewing this first year as a “trial”, where we will evaluate how things have been going on month 11, to determine if we want to continue with the services. Assuming we will continue with the services, we will revisit the financial situation in order to make a determination if we will need to raise our dues to cover the cost of the management company.

These are the first steps that we have identified, in order to make Central Park a better place! If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Page, or by emailing us at [email protected].