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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How much are the HOA dues? When are they due?

Currently, our HOA dues are $265 annually. They are due every year by April 1st, and you can set them up to be paid automatically, right here on our website. If you need help setting this up, please let us know.

What houses are covered under this HOA?

Please click here to view the map, which outlines the area that this HOA governs. Not all houses in Central Park are covered under our HOA, only those that are in The Park and The Village areas.

Is the community pool free?

Part of the annual dues go towards paying for a pool pass, so yes, every HOA household who is current on their dues can use the community pool for free when it is open.

Being a part of the Central Park HOA gives your household a family pass (2 adults and all dependent children), and the ability to bring up to 3 non-household guests per day. Any guest beyond 3 per day will be charged half of the current daily fee.

Prospective Residents

Are there any open lots available to build on?

Yes, currently the open lots are being offered by Banister Real Estate. It is best to give them a call, to discuss your options and get a lot purchased.

Why aren't any lots for sale in the big open field, east of the pond?

The empty lots east of the south most pond is owned by an existing developer. It is up to his discretion as to when to develop those.  There are high powered Westar Energy lines that run near the pond, so no structures can be built directly under them. To inquire more about these lots, please contact the city who should be able to get you in contact with the developer, or answer any other questions.

I live in the Landing or the Villas, who do I contact for my HOA?

This website is only for the Central Park residents of The Park and The Village. The Landing and The Villas are two separate HOA’s.

For The Villas, contact: Sherry Grady – [email protected]

For The Landing, contact: Tristin Terhune – [email protected]

Current Residents

How do I redeem my family pool pass?

The city keeps a list of all current HOA households who have paid their dues. Tell the person at the front desk your name and address, and show proof of address, and they will get you your membership ID number. Each HOA pool membership includes 2 adults and dependent children residing in the household, and the ability to bring up to 3 non-household guests per day. Any guest beyond 3 per day will be charged half of the current daily fee. Bringing the 3 additional guests is a perk that only Central Park HOA residents get!

How can I get on the HOA Board?

We are always looking for help, and would love more members on the HOA committee. Elections are held once a year, at the annual HOA meeting in February. Come prepared to introduce yourself, and tell us why you’d like to be on the committee, and if you have any new ideas, or improvements to existing!

How do I contact the HOA Design Committee?

In a lot of our FAQ’s, the answer is “Contact the HOA Design committee for review/approval”. Currently the HOA Design Committee is made up of 2 city officials, and 2 HOA residents. To contact them with approvals for house changes/colors etc, you can use our Design Committee contact form on our Contact page, or you can directly email:

Loren Keely – [email protected]

Nancy Todhunter – [email protected]

Keith Price (City Building Inspector) – [email protected]

Ty Lasher (City Administrator) – [email protected]

Please CC us on the email as well so we can stay in the loop – [email protected]

What type of work needs HOA Design Committee approval?

Any exterior change that will change the look of your house or lot. Some Examples: retaining walls, fences, house colors, pergolas, poured or large stone patios. Landscaping shrubbery, trees, and grass do NOT require design committee approval, providing that you are still following applicable covenants such as the number of trees and shrubs required, and establishing landscaping for new houses. When in doubt, please contact us for quick clarification.

What are the differences between covenants, bylaws, and guidelines?

Bylaws are mutually agreed upon rules for the HOA, while covenants are long-term promises to do something or refrain from something. Our covenants primarily discuss topics such as land and external structures. The bylaws discuss topics pertaining to meetings, members, due payments, delinquency, liens and other rules of this nature for which we are to abide by. The design guidelines and landscaping guideline documents are meant to be examples of what exterior features should look like in the neighborhood.

What kind of a fence can I put up? Does it need approved?

According to our bylaws, you may not install a privacy fence. The options are iron or aluminum, similar to the other neighbors around you. Please log into your HOA account and review the bylaws, covenants, and most especially, the landscaping guidelines.

In general, any major exterior work should first be approved by the HOA design committee. Please send pictures, and as much information as you can about the fence to our design committee.

After it’s approved, the city would then need to get any applicable permits ready.

Click here to visit our contact page and scroll to the bottom to submit a message to the design committee.

Can I fence in a green electrical box that's in my yard?

The large green cubes are Westar electrical junction boxes. According to Westar policy, if it will be fenced in, you must leave 10 feet clear in the front of it (the side with the lock on it is the front), and 3 feet around the rest of the sides. They also prefer a 5 ft gate nearby, or removable fence sections if no gate.

My mailbox is broken or I need a mailbox

New construction houses get their first mailbox free of charge, that will look like the rest of them in the neighborhood. If your mailbox has broken, then you will need to purchase a new mailbox. This is the link for the mailbox to purchase.

If I want to re-paint my house, do I need to get the color approved?

Any major exterior work, painting included, should first get approved by the HOA design committee. Please email the color and any other information to the design committee, and we will review it. Click here to visit our contact page, and scroll to the bottom to submit a message to the design committee.

What do I do if I think someone in the neighborhood is violating our rules?

If you suspect someone is violating the covenants or bylaws, please submit an HOA violation review. To do this, you must be logged into your account in order to view the page. Click here to be taken to the page, and then fill out and submit the form. The form is sent to us and we will review it.

Account Questions

What can I do once I setup my HOA account log in? Why would I want an account?

By signing up on our website, this gives you access to many useful features. You can access member only content such as meeting minute documents, the neighborhood member directory, and our online forums. The online forums is a useful place for discussion on a wide variety of topics such as things people might be selling or buying in the neighborhood, suspicious activity, lost or found items, and really any other topic you could think of can be discussed here. You can also take place in online polls that we post. We have a new user document that outlines how to do some of these things, you can access that Here

Is signing up for automatic HOA payments safe?

Absolutely, our website has an SSL certificate installed which provides the https:// padlock in the web address. All aspects are done securely, and the payments are handled through Stripe. No payment data, is ever stored on our website, and our website is PCI compliant. Our Stripe integration uses the Stripe.js method to collect credit card (and other similarly sensitive) details without having the information touch our server.

What if I moved and forgot to cancel the recurring subscription?

If you moved and was charged on your regular recurring date, please contact us and we will look into it and refund the amount appropriately. When members move out of the neighborhood, we do our best to also check to see if it is cancelled so this doesn’t happen.

If you already paid your dues, but are moving out of the neighborhood, dues are normally squared away during closing with the new buyer. So refunds are not typically given by the HOA, since it is to be squared away during closing.

Still have a question? Ask us below!